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Happiness is not sought is built ...

Actually no big secret, but maybe we were wrong when we desire wishing happiness waiting for us to arrive, trying to catch up or going in your search. And if we started BUILD ... day by day, minute by minute, moment by moment.
At the end of the day happiness is to enjoy every day, every moment, of what we have and not wait for something extraordinary to happen to us or beyond our reach, or even being in our power not putting the necessary building blocks for achieving .
This construction process is the most important in our lives, and yet it is the less attention we pay less interest and what is even worse ... we give less importance.

Let's begin to build, but how ?:

1. Accepting who we are and working to be better. What? Know that we are the most important in our lives, and from there we can accept others. You can not love if you do not love before. This way you will build your self-esteem world.

2. Looking around us with new eyes, with eyes of interest to see the good in others and to see "the good side of things." In the process you'll find a key to happiness, to share your life with people who see the good side of things. How will you know you've found one? Interestingly bring a smile on her face that seems perennial. This way you build your world of "positive emotions".

3. Making us strong in adversity, given the difficulties that undoubtedly reach us day after day, is inherent in the grandeur of life. But work to emerge stronger from such situations. How do I get it? Aware that are part of the continuum of life and that is the first step to overcoming it. This way you build your world of "resilience" or to be heroes to life.

4. Dreaming dreams, living dreams, constructing reality from dreams. That way you will build different futures, different destinations. Where is the key that makes dreams come true? Stepping gait, walking paths that lead us to the place we want ... hardly get anything, just waiting for it to arrive. Do not dream your life, Live your dreams. This way you build your world "delighted" and "magical."

5. Doing things for others of us will undoubtedly benefit the most. We connect with others, relacionémonos, participate in joint activities, make "barbecues" where we bring all do what we know best. Sounds easy? It certainly is. Close relationships with others (family, friends, neighbors ...) give meaning to our lives, give us love and support. This way you build your world of "social support".

6. Loving. Love your partner, your children, your parents and siblings, your friends, your classmates ... Make love the main meaning of your life, that way those around you will feel loved and get to be part of building your own happiness. Is this the most difficult? In all, it is the foundation of any building foundation ... do together. Love has many colors, many or more than the rainbow. Each relationship give the appropriate color. This way you build your world "carpool towards happiness ..."

José Manuel Párraga Sánchez
"Método IRIS"

IRIS Method: Magic for your welfare ...
At your side for you to build YOUR happiness.

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Story of my life: "Your Star"

It was a summer afternoon, hot and humid afternoon ..., sailed through my "stuff" and appeared in a pile of leaves forgotten neglected on a shelf, a vignette, which once scorned the contours of words came to decipher that phrase ... "Often lost is the best way to find yourself" ...
Christ blessed!, Sometimes I get these assaults yuyu chance ... or rather of causality. Why this fracesita? ... then came to my memories of how important that is to be emotionally detached ... and became the obvious question of independent how emotional I've been in my life so far?. Not as much as would have liked or as little as is the common standard. Now, that, I do not consider it a "stingy emotional" as a friend of mine ... but is something to think about because it lives a little more comfortable with yourself. Or not.
Wanted me to musings banal and focused back on the bullet and came to my mind that great axiom of life as Ernest Henley phrase "I am the master of my fate and captain of my soul" ... sometimes you're left speechless and thoughtless when recalls or read for the first time an expression of those characteristics so pervasive ... as sharp as the eyes of a child lost in the stars.
Remember when you were kids and mirabais the stars ... I am. But I watched the stars ... had just fixing our vision and focus our attention on a single star. Only once ... in that kept us coming over all others.
It was probably the most shining, and the largest in the sky, nor possessed any power of attraction on anything ... except for the eyes of that child. It was enough.
Being emotionally detached is no more difficult to set our sights on a star, it is harder to focus our lives to ourselves.
Too many people never get to be themselves as they often are at the mercy of their own fears and desires, but cravings of others, slowly cultivating his own misfortune. Why? ... Because when you look at the stars only see the sky or stars that others want to see.
It's August, the best month to see the Perseids, but still beautiful, they are still shooting stars.
Do not expect to see the Perseids ..., come out tonight, looking for a dark place and raise your eyes to heaven splendid that appears when the sun tells us tomorrow ... and focus your eyes on the star ... only in that. The most wonderful of all the stars in the sky ... your star ... You.

© Jose Manuel Párraga (... story of my life)

Story of my life: "Believe in yourself... no one has ever done"

Success in life is to keep moving forward. On being satisfied with the effort and not just with the result. Ten perspective on what you do or dream to do, visualize your future with what you want and discover the different options that will appear before your eyes ... and especially with the illusion decides to hit.
Perspective (how you see your life is the first key) ... who are you, where are you in life? Your mind, the way you see your life and where you're going, will determine your success in life.
Here's where I am!. Do not ask questions why. Do not just say, if only I had this or that ... you can think of all the things you do not ... but that is good for something?, How that build something? ... NO! Why is there any way to go back in time and change? It depends on you what you do TODAY. Your priorities, your daily schedule will determine your success or your failure. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Despite being told you can not!, No vouchers!, You're useless!, What fussed!, You're useless! ... harder BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Do not be misled by the opinions of others, because it is only their opinion or way of seeing his "miserable life" ...
A person is grateful for what I have ... (by little you think it is) and especially with your potential ... you really know where you are ... When you really know where you are and who you are in life and you give it some value ... you get big because you have something in yourself where lean and nobody, nobody can ever take away ... look in your eyes and discover them how great you are ... and cling tightly to that and that will be the beginning.
Once you connect and know where you are ... and cling strongly to positive things (for few that think they are) ... then concentrate on it, stop thinking about what you've lost, the opportunities you missed because then you will continue view letting them pass ... have to be alert to not happen again long before your very eyes.
"The day you think you've reached your potential, you've got the most ... will be the day you discover that you have reached NO" ... because you still have today and you can make even MORE, much more.
We can decide between life improve or worsen ... and dreams, goals, objectives ... if one disappears ... continue looking at the stars! ... THERE ARE MANY AND MANY STARS TO DISCOVER. Decide which one is the first you want to achieve, and then another and another.
The only limits I have in my life are the limits I push myself. I want a life without limits! That is my vision.
My dream, what I want ... I want it now ... but many dreams are coming ... only I have to keep dreaming about them. Things are not going to come alone ... just thinking about them ... I'll have to move life toward them with all my potential, with all my resources, with all my strength, with all my illusion ... with all my desire ... but I have to go ... YO! ... things will not come alone ... for much meditation or relaxation or many dreams do you have ... I HAVE TO GO TO FOR THEM! ... BUT TODAY ... I will not leave for tomorrow ...

There is an ideal time for all, perhaps, for you or for me it is NOW ... but it's coming, but when we were not out of hand, that does not go unnoticed, we find ready ...

I will decide for me, I will decide the dreams that I will dream, I will decide with whom to share my life ... and decide TODAY, not wait for tomorrow.

I'll keep dreaming perspective to visualize my future with the hope and determination that triumph ... but again and again. Why am I so sure? ... Because I will not wait for me to come ... I will fetch it with all my strength ... for a few that are.

José Manuel Párraga (... story of my life)

When dreams come true ...
or when reality is built from the dreams ...

There was ... very close to me, almost touching my, but again I could avoid it. They were months with the same tears, the same pain, the same penalty, with the same abandon ... with the same loneliness ("I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone ... it is not .... the worst of life is to end with someone who makes you feel alone").
... if the train does not stop at your station is that it was a train, and if you get off the train in motion is that this trip was not yours ... remembered with a lopsided grin. But how often does one get to say you do not remember what then?
Oh lord, lord ... nobody walks of life without having set foot in false many times, and reached the goal with one try, or get to the other side without having built bridges ... raced through my mind phrases and sentences ... and suddenly she appeared ... the right phrase ... Does the case would? Does cuantito would see her disappear? Will remember forever? Or the use in this time of need? No ... no. If I knew I would know. More perogrullo impossible I told myself smiling.
Cut the sentences like I said up ... or phrases, or milk.
I could not restrain myself and drained the last sip of coffee ... wanted to part with it and release it, because I realized that it made no sense to avoid ...
Why do you avoid what you can afford? Well, that ... Face it ... I already did ... I ended up with it ... damn ... useless ... nonsense ... Go away and do not come back and if you ever find me ready to get off my train ... Sadness Largo!
Facing the abyss the only thing left is to learn to fly ... or go back the way you came that is even easier is not it?
Do not be afraid to go back through the same steps as there is the right way ... The right way is to walk ... wherever you go.
But ... and the phrase, and that phrase that haunts me, since, always ... I think ...
"A day without a smile is a day wasted." I will not lose more days of my life ... I said to myself with a huge smile on my lips surfacing.
I want to build my dreams from my smiles and smiles of those who share my journey with me.
And my dreams are my reality ... you want to live, I want to share the ... because ... no matter how far they get in the way if I gave my best ...

PD: Honestly: I do not spend a minute to hate people who hate me, or leaving room for sadness, because I'm too busy loving people who love me ... and smiling

 José Manuel Párraga
(From "Tales of my life")

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"The number of my life"
I lifted my head from watery eyes ... and there it was. I smiled despite the pain of loss. Again became part of the most important episodes of my life. I felt I abrazabas. Alas, that number.
From small accompanied me on the lists of school, always the same. He walked me to my fellowship and I think even in my baptism.
But today more than ever noticed his embrace .... And from that time was inexorably linked to you ... Dad.
Now I feel pain but great joy ... I think you saved my life ... you and my number.
I noticed as something or someone put her hands on my face for no harm ... blessed accident.
... All started the previous evening. Christmas shopping carts currency, but then again no coins, cards damn!
I went to put the lottery vendor nearby and asked for a number for that Saturday, foreign to me, I'm not trust their fate to chance, but then needed a coin.
A nice woman with smile sign as significant by the time of selling the lucky ticket extended to me ... eleven had several lots of tickets but had to be that.
And there it was again ... my number. It ended in my number! And of course I could not think of anything ... my turn tonight for sure!
Shopping, shopping and more shopping ... and back home.
The next morning, I did not know what to do, to spend my time ... running, walking, listening to music, whatever. In the end nothing beyond spending time with friends so close social networks are unknowingly.
Evening was approaching and I needed to escape ... I grabbed my bike and I jumped into the world. It was a gloomy afternoon, rainy, dark but are of those afternoons that I love ... it do not last forever ... Oh, but I have not looked the winning number yesterday ... and if I'm rich!
I ran to the computer in my clothes enjutado cyclist with raincoat and all ... and searched, but no, no luck ...
Damn fence ... when I saw it was too late ... I decided to hold tightly to my friends with two wheels and no matter what happens.
I had become too dark and rainy afternoon and came home in a hurry ... and I remembered that fence in the middle of the road. And that during the more than three hours I spent between roads and happy memories while I was unhappy ... life itself. I always thought of you ... I remember you when you step on the bike at the same point, in the same place ...
I thought of you and rides that we could take together, and I know you would have liked ... and me ... But you were gone ... I only had your memory and my number associated with you.
Damn fence ... and I was afraid ... I did not know what could be the result of the fall ...
Face ... Well, I fell face, neck and forehead, and my friend to more than 10 meters from me ... but I felt your hands on my face, your hands by your wrought iron work of a lifetime, your hands eroded by time and that allergy caused you so much discomfort ... I felt your hands ... otherwise would have been my sad end.
I could incorporate and hold my bloody lip ... and sat in the wet with the water falling on my raincoat ... and smiled. What a silly milk! And that fence who has put it there! Always was, but who's telling me to do the route in reverse!. You can not go backwards ... how you always remembered.
After a few minutes of pain, intense pain ... I could walk a few feet ... I looked in the right pocket of my raincoat in the mobile music still sounded like I always accompany me and got battered my fingers off.
And I remembered, he was wearing his glasses in his left pocket, I put my hand ... broken glasses ... but with them the lottery ticket without reward ... and there it was again my number, stained red from the wounds of my hands . Decidedly that ticket brought me luck, good luck.
I played the day before, I had when I had to play ... that number linked to the memory of my father ... that number is in the cemetery where the last time I gave the earthly farewell. On top of his tombstone ... 28.
Watch the clock, you know what time it was?.
The 17.28.
José Manuel Párraga Sánchez

Autumn Tales: The House of 1000 Mirrors

Long ago in a small, far away village, there was place known as the House of 1000 Mirrors. A small, happy little dog learned of this place and decided to visit. When he arrived, he bounced happily up the stairs to the doorway of the house. He looked through the doorway with his ears lifted high and his tail wagging as fast as it could. To his great surprise, he found himself staring at 1000 other happy little dogs with their tails wagging just as fast as his. He smiled a great smile, and was answered with 1000 great smiles just as warm and friendly. As he left the House, he thought to himself, "This is a wonderful place. I will come back and visit it often."

In this same village, another little dog, who was not quite as happy as the first one, decided to visit the house. He slowly climbed the stairs and hung his head low as he looked into the door. When he saw the 1000 unfriendly looking dogs staring back at him, he growled at them and was horrified to see 1000 little dogs growling back at him. As he left, he thought to himself, "That is a horrible place, and I will never go back there again."

None of the dogs noticing explorers reached the sign installed in front of the mysterious mansion ":" The House of a Thousand Mirrors. "

The faces we see in the world are mirrors. Your look is all you get get from reality. Each collection demonstrates the possibilities of projection and let us capture.
The most beautiful things in life are not seen, are captured with the heart.
If the doors of perception were discover that sailed wide open at infinity. As are semi-closed, life, like the echo, or the mirror, what do we return. The tour of the house is very fleeting Terran.
Get a mirror, smile at the character that appears and do not get mad, do not panic if you answer with a divine laughter.

Autumn Tales: The life echoes (reflections)

A boy and his father were walking on the mountains.
Suddenly, the son falls, hurts and shouts:
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating somewhere in the mountain:
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
With curiosity, he screams:
 - Who's there?.
Get an answer:

- Who's there?.
Angry with the response, he screams:
- Coward.
And get response:
- Coward.
The child looks to his father and asks:
- What happens?
The father smiles and says:
- My son, pay attention.
And then the father screams to the mountain:
- I admire you.
And the voice answered:
- I admire you.
 Again the man screams:
- You are a champion.
And the voice replied:
- You are a champion.
The boy is surprised, but did not understand.
Then the father explains:
- People call this echo, but really is life.

You back everything you say or do.
Our life is simply a reflection of our actions.
If you want more love in the world, create more love around.

If you want happiness, give happiness to those around you.
If you want a smile on the soul, gives a smile to the soul of those who know.

This relationship applies to all aspects of life.
Life will give you back exactly what you have given.
Your life is not a coincidence, it is a reflection of you.

Someone said:
If you do not like what you get back, check exactly what you're giving ...

... and how great these reflections of José Luis Prieto (Argentina)

Learned and decided ... And so after much waiting, a day like any other I decided to succeed ... I decided not to wait the arrival of the opportunities, but to seek them out myself.
I decided to see every problem as an opportunity to find a solution, I decided to see each desert as an opportunity to find an oasis, I decided to see every night as a mystery to solve, I decided to see each day as a new chance at happiness.
That day I discovered that my only rival was my own weaknesses, and that they themselves are the single best way to improve ourselves. That day I stopped being afraid to fail, or lose and I began to fear not try to win. I discovered that I was not the best and perhaps never was, I did not matter who won or lost, now all I care about is simply knowing myself better than yesterday.
I learned how difficult it is to reach the top, but never stop rising. Do not get into a position, but stay.
I learned that the best win I can have is the right to call someone "friend".
I found that love is more than just a state of love, love is a way of life.
That day I stopped being a reflection of my few triumphs past and I became my own dim light of the present; learned that light is worthless if you can not light the way for others.
That day I decided to change so many things ... That day I learned that dreams are only to be realized, from that day to rest and not sleep ... I sleep to dream.

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... one of conflict and monkeys

The next "experiment" reproduces the process of creating an organization culture in particular:
     1. We introduce twenty monkeys in a room
     2. We hang a banana from the ceiling, under which we place a ladder, which is the only way to reach it.
     3.Se install a system that will fall on icy rain across the room when one of the monkeys start to climb the ladder.
     4. The monkeys quickly learn that you can not climb the ladder avoiding the chilled water system.
      5. Subsequently, to replace one of the twenty monkeys new one. Immediately try to climb the ladder to reach the banana without understanding the reason, shall be punished with blows by the other.

6. Replace old now one of the monkeys with a new one. Then it will be beaten with clubs as well, and the monkey introduced just above this will be the strongest to hit it.
7. Continue the process to change the original twenty monkeys and monkeys are only new.
8. While deleting the chilled water system, now none will try to climb the ladder, and even more, if for any reason any thought occurs to him, he will be slaughtered by the other monkeys. And the worst thing is that none of the twenty monkeys have not the faintest idea why the thing.

If possible ask one of them why beat so strongly that climbed for bananas, for sure this would be the answer, "I do not know. Here, things have always been done that way. "

All human organizations have their culture. Corporate culture reflects the dominant values ​​shared by members of an organization. It is certainly a key element that marks what is or is not capable of doing each company. Conforms in many ways, but basically the ideas and behaviors of the founder and directors, and accumulated experience. A strong culture is very difficult to change, and sometimes it even reaches to know why no one in the company may or may not act in a certain way, as in the case of the monkeys.

Can you change? Yes, but ... must want:

Knowing. Recognize. Assume. Unlearning. Learning. run

"In a discussion, it is hard not to defend our opinion, but to know" (Andre Maurois)

"I am only one, but still I am one.
I can not do everything, but still I can do something ...
Do not reject anything I can do (Hellen Keller)

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Autumn Tales: On the hate, anger and sadness

The sadness and anger

In an enchanted kingdom where men can never reach, or perhaps where men pass forever without realizing ...

In a magical kingdom, where things are not tangible, they become concrete.
Once upon a time ... wonderful pond.
It was a crystal clear lagoon and pure where fish swam all existing colors and where all shades of green reflected permanently ...
Until that magical pond and transparent bathing approached becoming each other's company, sadness and anger.
The two took off their clothes and bare the two entered the pond.
Anger, hurry (as always the rage), urged, without knowing why-bathed and faster still, out of the water ...
But the anger is blind, or at least not clearly distinguish reality, so hurry naked, put it off, the first clothes she found ...
It happened that clothing was not his, but that of sadness ...
And well dressed sadness, anger left.
Very calm, very calm, ready as ever to stay in the place where, sadness finished his bath and without any trouble (or rather, unaware of the passage of time), lazily and slowly left the pond.
On the shore he found that his clothes had gone.
As we all know, if there's anything to sadness is not like being naked, so he got the only clothing beside the pond, clothes fury.
They say that since then, often one encounters rage, blind, cruel, terrible and angry, but if we take the time to look good, we find that this anger we see is just a disguise, and that behind the guise of fury, actually ... is hidden sadness.

Jorge Bucay, "Tales to think"

The prison of hate

  Two men had shared unjustly imprisoned for a long time where they received all kinds of abuse and humiliation. Once free, they met again years later. One of them asked the other:

- "Do you ever remember the guards?"

- "No, thank God and I forgot everything," he said. "Do you?"

- "I continue to hate them with all my heart," replied the other.

His friend looked at him a moment, then said:

- "I feel for you. If that is so, it means that you are still a prisoner"

    BOOK EXCERPT "The 120 best stories of the spiritual traditions of the East," p. Ramiro Calle 40 authors and Sebastian Vazquez. Editorial Edaf


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